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Here are, in our followers opinion, the top 10 Massey Ferguson models

Of course, not everyone will agree, but we asked our followers to pick their favourites and the list may surprise some of you. Massey Ferguson goes beyond a brand of tractor, even those that don't work on a farm or have anything to do with tractors in their day to day life know what a Massey Ferguson is. It's likely anybody growing up would have had the famous red tractor as part of their play set and introduction to farming

We decided not to differ between the newer and older models and instead left it up to you to decide. No reasoning required, just what was your favourite Massey Ferguson tractor. It may be the quality of the build, the functionality or the value for money when buying that particular model

1. Massey Ferguson 390T

300 series

Massey 390T Parts

Made in Coventry, England this tractor was first produced in 1989 up until 1997. A 2WD or 4WD tractor that has always been popular amongst those looking for a utility tractor. It included a Perkins engine with four-stroke, liquid-cooled inline and 4 cylinders. Boasting a fuel capacity of 107 litres and a hydraulic system of 47 litres and a PTO rear RPM of 530,1000. Some general specifications for this tractor can be seen below.

Massey Ferguson 390T Basic Spec
Engine:95 hp
PTO:80 hp
Drawbar:65.2 hp
Chassis:4x4 MFWD 4WD & 4x2 2WD

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2. Massey Ferguson 5455

5400 series

Massey Ferguson 5455 Parts

Lauded as the simple, well-built heritage tractor and launched in 2003 it quickly became the ultimate loader tractor. The choice of bonnet was of particular interest to Massey Ferguson fans. After its launch in 2003, in quickly became one of the best-selling tractors in the United Kingdom. Comfort and noise reduction ensure that the driver was always looked after in the cab. The HP of the tractor, although starting out at 100hp has slowly risen to around 125HP with improvements on the spec of the tractor. Part of the 5400 series, it boasts a Perkins 4.4L 4 cylinder diesel engine as well as a PTO of 82HP. 16 speed transmissions with independent hydraulic wet disc brakes. Basic specifications listed below

Massey Ferguson 5455 Basic Spec
Engine:95 hp
PTO:82.6 hp
Drawbar:66.8 hp
Chassis:4x2 2WD/4x4 MFWD 4WD

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3. Massey Ferguson 4255

4200 series

Massey 4255 Parts

Again a utility tractor popping up in the top 10, this tractor was produced in Coventry around 1997 and ceased production in 1999. Banner Lane plant where it was produced closed in 2002. The 4 cylinder engine allows the 4255 to compete with tractors beyond its specification range mean you got extreme value for money. It is known as a workhorse and is perfect for the day to day activies of the farm such as pulling trailers, feeding & spreading. 4L 4 cylinder diesel Perkins engine means you get plenty of pull and a PTO of around 84HP. Transmission choice of 12-speed power shuttle, 24-speed power shuttle with power shift & 19 speed two-speed power shift. An excellent all round machine.

Massey Ferguson 4255 Basic Spec
Engine:95 hp
PTO:84 hp
Drawbar:65 hp
Chassis:4x2 2WD, 4x4 4WD
Transmission:12 speed power shuttle, 24-speed power shuttle & 18-speed two speed powershift.

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4. Massey Ferguson 5460

5400 series

Massey 5460 Parts

Manufactured in France between 2008/2013 the 5460 is a fantastic all round utility tractor. For more reliability you should look for the models that contain the Sisu engine. The amount of power available allows yard tasks to be completed with ease including much spreading and baling. This is often considered a bullet proof specification on a tractor which offers power, comfort and versatility for the owner. 4.4L 4-cylinder diesel engine with a 151 litre tank. Independent hydraulic wet disc brakes and a 16-speed transmission. Rear independent PTO with 540/1000 RPM.

Massey Ferguson 5460 Basic Spec
Engine:105 hp
PTO:98 hp
Drawbar:73 hp
Chassis:4x2 2WD, 4x4 4WD
Transmission:12 speed power shuttle, 24-speed power shuttle & 18-speed two speed powershift.

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5. Massey Ferguson 3050

3000 series

Massey 3050 parts

Made between 1986-1990 the 3050 offers incredible reliability. Definitely a surprise on the list of top tractors amongst our followers but the reliability and value for money with this tractor seemed to be the defining factor. Offering open hydraulics with a perkins engine with 68HP ensures enough power for all farm tasks. Fuel tank capacity of around 39L. Brakes are hydraulic wet disc and this model offers a cab with optional air-conditioning.

Massey Ferguson 3050 Basic Spec
Engine:68 hp
PTO:60 hp
BrakesHydraulic Wet Disc
Transmission:16-speed fully synchronised & 32-speed

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6. Massey Ferguson 6490

6400 series

Massey Ferguson 6490 Parts

The 6490 was such a success that it remained in products from its inception in 2003 right up until 2012. Pneumatic cab suspension allowed for extra comfort in the cab and it was an extremely well designed tractor. The 6400 range throughout is known for the quality of the tractor build. New models offering 6 power shifts per range which mean it doesn't struggle with anything asked of it.

Massey Ferguson 6490 Basic Spec
Engine:170 hp
BrakesHydraulic Wet Disc
Fuel:355 litre
Transmission:24-speed Power Shift

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7. Massey Ferguson 135

100 series

Massey 135 Parts

The first tractor from our list from the 100 series. The 135 Massey Ferguson is an extremely popular, reliable and efficient tractor. It comes with the reputation of a workhorse and is perfect for anyone looking for a utlity tractor. It would be ideal for those seeking an all-round utility tractor. This was in production from 1965 and is a popular model amongst those overhauling tractors. 2.5L 3-cylinder Perkins engine. Fuel capacity of around 38.6 litres and a 8 gallon hydraulic system. Not only that, how incredible do they look? Something about those retro tractors! Our particular favourite on the list and we are glad it was picked.

Massey Ferguson 135 Basic Spec
Engine:45.5 hp
BrakesMechanical drum
Fuel:38.6 litres
Chassis:4x2 2WD Shift

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8. Massey Ferguson 6480

6400 series

Massey 6480 Parts

Like it's elder sibling, the 6490, the 6480 is known for handling the bread and butter of farming with ease. Produce in France from 2004 until 2012, it's a very popular model of Massey known for its efficiency and reliability. Also known for being a quiet tractor, this model turned out to be the most popular in the range. Power boost was included as a standard feature

Massey Ferguson 6480 Basic Spec
Engine:Perkins 6 cylinder
BrakesIndependent Hydraulic Wet Disc
Fuel:264 litre
Chassis:4x2 2WD and 4x4 4WD

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9. Massey Ferguson 399

300 series

Massey 399 Parts

First released in 1987 it quickly became the most powerful of all the 300 series Massey Ferguson tractors. A 97HP engine but this increase to around 104hp over the time of its production. The 399 was eventually replaced by the 4270 whenever production stopped in 1997

Massey Ferguson 399 Basic Spec
Engine:Perkins 6 cylinder
BrakesWet Disc
Fuel:126 litre
Chassis:4x2 2WD and 4x4 4WD

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9. Massey Ferguson 8S.265

8S series

It wouldn't be fair not to include one of Massey Fergusons newest additions to their models within the 8S series. Winner of Tractor of the year 2021 and boasting award winning technology and a new industry leading cab. Not only is the cab striking, but allows the driver panoramic views as well as being the most comfortable cab on the market. Check out our article on the Massey 8S.265. This row-crop tractor can do anything asked of it.

Massey Ferguson 8S.265 Basic Spec
Front PTOIndependent
Fuel:459 litres
Chassis: 4x4 4WD

We are currently adding to our Massey Ferguson 8S.265 parts list as well as all newer models

So there we have it, our followers top 10 tractors. Do you agree or do you think we have missed anything obvious? Here at farming parts we stock OEM parts for all Massey Ferguson models. We have thousands of parts online but if you cannot find the part you are looking for, contact us to find the part you require. We have massey ferguson parts teams & mechanics on hand to support any query so you can shop with confidence