Massey Ferguson 3060


Do you steer your machine? Or is your machine steering you?

Oil leaks, Extreme noise & irregular tyre wear could be early indicators of axle problems. So be sure to look, listen, maintain and get them fixed as soon as possible

The axles and steering system on your tractor has a tough job to do channelling all that power to the ground and absorbing the huge stresses and strains the machine undergoes in its daily duties. Massive loads and forces make enormous demands on these heavy duty machines. But don’t take them for granted. Like any other component or sub-assembly, axles and steering systems are subject to wear and tear. They need regular care and attention. Don’t forget them.

Make axles and steering part of your routine maintenance plan to avoid unproductive downtime and added costs.

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Common Problems Include

  • Differential lock operating incorrectly
  • Noise when in traction and overrunning
  • Noisier when overrunning than when in traction
  • Noise when steering
  • A rubbing noise is produced during steering
  • The front axle remains engaged
  • The front axle does not engage
  • Knocking occurs when the front axle is in traction
  • Steering not responding
  • Irregular tyre wear

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