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  • Grassmen 8s.225
    Grassmen Visit Farming Parts To Test Massey Ferguson 8s.225

    New Massey Ferguson 8S.225

    Late last year Donkey & Gazza from paid a visit to John Mcelderry LTD/Farming Parts for a look around the new Massey Ferguson 8s.225. We think it is safe to say they were impressed by everything it had to offer. You can watch the video below or visit their youtube channel for a great selection of videos and updates from the guys. If you would like to stay up to date with the grassmen, who cover all aspects of tractors, machinery & agriculture to the highest standards across their website and social channels you can find them at or on their social channels such as Facebook & Instagram. You should make them your first place to check up on the latest tractor, machinery

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  • Genuine Massey Ferguson Parts
    Genuine Massey Ferguson Parts

    Why Buy Genuine Massey Parts?

    Massey Ferguson is one of the biggest names in not only tractors, but in agriculture as a whole. It is the trusted machine for experienced farmers from all corners of the globe. With many aftermarket parts available, here we talk about why it is important to buy genuine Massey Ferguson parts from an official AGCO dealership such as Farming Parts or John Mcelderry (M&T) LTD, based in the UK. With the strains of everyday use of your tractor it is important to maintain your tractor parts to ensure it’s constantly running as optimal levels.

    We stock a huge amount of the highest quality aftermarket parts for your Massey Ferguson so you can shop with confidence with us knowing you are buying parts that are built to the highest specifications and are recommended by AGCO themselves as substitute parts. Like our genuine Massey Ferguson parts, our high quality aftermarket parts come with 1 years warranty so you can be sure we are confident of t

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  • Massey Ferguson 3060
    Massey Ferguson Axle & Steering Parts


    Do you steer your machine? Or is your machine steering you?

    Oil leaks, Extreme noise & irregular tyre wear could be early indicators of axle problems. So be sure to look, listen, maintain and get them fixed as soon as possible

    The axles and steering system on your tractor has a tough job to do channelling all that power to the ground and absorbing the huge stresses and strains the machine undergoes in its daily duties. Massive loads and forces make enormous demands on these heavy duty machines. But don’t take them for granted. Like any other component or sub-assembly, axles and steering systems are subject to wear and tear. They need regular care and attention. Don’t forget them.

    Make axles and steering part of your routine maintenance plan to avoid unproductive downtime and added costs.

    Contact us at [email protected]

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